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Home Movie: 98375: Niagara Falls, Canada

Published Unknown

To come.

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Reviewer: Spuzz - - September 27, 2014
Subject: This, and that.
Very little (if any?)Niagara Falls here. We start out with a flooded town (Maybe it's Niagara Falls!) and see some scenes of people paddling down the street. From there, we go to actual boats in an actual body of water.. You guys! After that, we cut abruptly to hometown life! Mom playing with her kids in the front yard. Actually, more like the grass between the sidewalk and the curb! No back yard? No front yard? Interesting they dragged out the play pen and stuck it out there. Pretty soon I realized it's the same family from the birthday/easter hunt film from earlier (notice the stepping stones on the grass?). Anyways, kids are just being kids here.
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